UV Stabilized Plastic Insect Screen

UV Stabilized Plastic Insect Screen

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Plastic insect screen is made of polyethylene, which is UV stabilized. The plastic insect screen is much cheaper than aluminum or fiberglass insect screen. It is widely used in the windows or doors of the buildings, residences to prevent the mosquitoes, flies and other insects from entering the house. The plastic insect screen can be divided into interweave insect screen and plain weave insect screen. It includes Plain weave plastic insect screen and Interweave.

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Plastic Window Screen (polyethylene window screen)

Plain weave plastic insect screen.
The plain weave insect screen is the common type of the plastic insect screen. The weft and warp wires are single. Plain weave insect screen is more economical than the fiberglass insect screen, it can be regarded as the replacement of the fiberglass insect screen.

Interweave plastic insect screen.
Different from the plain weave insect screen, the warp wire of the interweave insect screen is double and the weft wire is single. The wire diameter of the interweave insect screen is thinner than the plain weave. It can save the materials and the price is cheaper than the plain weave.

Material: Low Pressure HDPE (5000S)
Mesh/inch: 16x16-60 x 60 mesh
Size: 3'x100', 4'x100', 1x25M , 1.2x25M, 1.5x25M or as request
Weaving Methods: Plain Weave or Hinged Weave or Plain weave mixed hinged weave
Mainly uses: For window & door, Agriculture or filter system. etc. For construction, hotel and civil against mosquitoes and insects in residences.

Description of Goods Mesh Wire Diameter
Plastic Window Screen
14x14 0.15-0.23mm Hinged Weave White, green, blue, black, yellow,
15x21 0.16-0.22mm Hinged Weave
14x14 0.15-0.23mm Plain Weave
15x15 0.20-0.21mm Plain Weave
18x18 0.15-0.20mm Plain Weave
20x20 0.16-0.20mm Plain Weave
30x30 0.18-0.25mm Plain Weave
40x40 0.20-0.22mm Plain Weave
50x50 0.14-0.18mm Plain Weave


1.Economical. The plastic insect screen is much cheaper than other material insect screen.
2.Environmental friendly. All of the materials are recycled, it will not harm to the environments and people.
3.Pure material. Our materials are all pure material, not the reborn plastic.
4.UV stabilized. The material can resist the UV rays.
5.Air movement. The square mesh of the insect screen permit the good movement of the air and water.


1.stall in window or door as window screen or mosquito
2.used in greenhouse, as anti-insect or anti trip net
3.used in fishing breeding or poultry rasing as pool guard or garden guard
4.used in agricutlure product for food drying Variety

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    Main applications

    The products usage scenarios are shown below

    barricade for crowd control and pedestrians

    stainless steel mesh for window screen

    welded mesh for gabion box

    mesh fence

    steel grating for stairs