Cost Effective Filter Basket Material

Cost Effective Filter Basket Material

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Filter baskets are used to remove debris and contaminants from liquids. They are durable, cost-effective filters that can protect valuable equipment from potential damage. Different types of filter baskets can remove varying sizes of contaminants, depending on your needs. Basket strainers, for example, are used to remove larger particulates, while bag filter baskets are used to hold a filter bag to remove contaminants that are too small for the naked eye to see.

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Main technical parameters

Stainless steel mesh filter basket

1.Material: Stainless steel mesh, steel mesh, copper mesh, black wire mesh etc
2.Mesh count: 2-3200mesh
3.Wire diameter: 0.018-2.5mm
4.Size: 10mm-300mm
5.Shapes: Round shape, rectangular shape, toroidal shape, square shape, oval shape, other special shape
6.Layer: Single layer, multi-layers

Perforated metal filter basket

1.Material: Stainless Steel,cast iron,carbon steel,etc.
2.Type: Standard filter basket and slanted filter basket.
3.Filer media: perforation mesh
4.Perforation holes size: 1/2",3/8",1/4",3/16",9/64",3/32",1/16",3/64".
5.Diameter and length: customized by requirements.


1: absolutely no material falls off phenomenon.
2: high temperature resistance, can be in - 270-400 ° C temperature long-term safety work. Both high temperature or low temperature stainless steel material will not separate out harmful material, material performance stable, nano unclean quantity, high filtration precision accurate.
3: corrosion resistance is high, it is not easy to damage, loss of pressure of small, filtering area is large.
4: special easy cleaning, long service life. Product specifications: filtration precision (μ m) 2-200, appearance size, filtering precision, filter area, under pressure, water treatment, high temperature gas filtration.
5,Stainless steel precision filter element with high porosity, good air permeability, low resistance, low pressure difference;
6,fter the stainless steel precision filter element is folded, the filter area is large, and the amount of pollution is large.;
7,Stainless steel precision filter, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for high viscous liquid filtration;
8,The regeneration performance is good, the chemical cleaning, high temperature and ultrasonic cleaning can be used repeatedly.;
9,All stainless steel structure, wide chemical compatibility;


1.Changeover from a contaminated strainer basket to clean one is quick and easy, with less down time and more run time.
2.The strainer basket is easily removed, cleaned and replaced without breaking the piping connection.
3.They can be piped in a single or dual configuration.
4.Strainer housings can be jacketed to accommodate higher viscosity materials.
5.All Hightop basket strainers can equipped with a top cover port for a pressure relief valve or other monitoring gauge to ensure safer processing operations.

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    Main applications

    The products usage scenarios are shown below

    barricade for crowd control and pedestrians

    stainless steel mesh for window screen

    welded mesh for gabion box

    mesh fence

    steel grating for stairs