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Reinforced fiberglass mesh cloth has three types namely interior wall insulation fiberglass mesh, exterior wall fiberglass mesh and GRC reinforced mesh cloth
Reinforced fiberglass mesh cloth is used C-glass or E-glass fiber yarn as the main raw material. After weaving and then by alkali-resistant latex coating, the fixed mesh warp and weft yarns have the features of high strength and high alkali that alkaline substances can persistent resistance to corrosion. It is the alternative to steel mesh for exterior retaining wall tiles, easy operation, material saving, long life, and the ideal energy-saving insulation materials. If there is any problem we can used fiberglass tape to mend.

1, Features of the reinforced fiberglass mesh:

1>.Coated by modified acrylic ester the alkali emulsion, the product is soft and hard combination, rich texture and firm joint.
2>.Acid, anti-aging, and the stiffness and colors can be scheduled.
3>.Good weather resistance, complete plastic packaging, and indoor storage of 8 months without becoming yellow or degenerate.

2, Reinforced fiberglass mesh applications

1>.It is widely used in light wallboard, internal and external wall, the European component enhanced gypsum products, mosaic, marble and other high-grade stone backing, reinforced material.
2>.It is the most ideal construction reinforcement material, widely used in building wall material innovation.
Reinforced fiberglass mesh cloth can be divided into interior wall insulation fiberglass mesh, exterior wall fiberglass mesh and GRC reinforced mesh cloth.

Interior wall insulation fiberglass mesh cloth:
Interior wall insulation alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh is used C-glass or E-glass fiber mesh as the raw material and then coated with modified acrylate copolymer glue. It enjoys the features of lightweight, high-strength, heat resistance, alkali, waterproof, corrosion-resistant, anti-cracking and dimensional stability, can effectively avoid the whole surface of the plaster layer of tension contraction and cracking caused by external forces, so the thin mesh often used in wall renovation and interior wall insulation.

Specifications of interior wall insulation fiberglass mesh cloth
Mesh: 5mm × 5mm, 4mm × 4mm
Weight: 80g --- 165g/m2
Width: 1000mm - 2000mm
Length: 50m-300m or according to customers’ requirements.

External wall insulation mesh (fiberglass mesh)
Due to its excellent resistance to acid, alkali and other chemical substances pedants performance, latitude and longitude to the high tensile strength, the stress of external wall insulation system can uniformly dispersed, avoiding the deformation of the entire insulation structure caused by outside the momentum of the collision and the squeeze, the insulation layer having high impact force strength, and easy construction and quality control, to play the role of "soft steel" in the insulation system. It is mainly applied to cement, plaster, walls, buildings and other structures inside and outside surface enhanced crack, a new type of building materials for external wall insulation works.

External wall insulation mesh specifications:
Mesh size: 5 × 5mm, 4 × 5mm or 4 × 4mm.
Per square Weight: 80g-160g.
Length per roll: 50m, 100m or 200m.
Each roll width: 1m-2m.
Color: white (standard), blue, green or other colors.
Packaging: each roll shrank wrapped, four-volume or six volumes a carton sixteen volumes or thirty volumes a tray.
Special specifications and special packaging can be customized according to the customers' requirements.

GRC reinforced fiberglass mesh
GRC reinforced alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh is made of E-glass fiber yarn (the main ingredient is silicate with good chemical stability) by a special organizational structure - leno twist weave after anti-lye, enhancer and high heat setting treatment. Fiberglass woven fabric as the base material, made by the alkali-resistant polymer emulsion processing, the product is high strength, alkali resistance, lasting resistance to alkaline substances corrosion. And it is the ideal reinforced material of cement concrete products, granite, mosaic special used mesh, marble backing net, waterproof cloth, asphalt roofing, waterproofing membrane fabric, enhanced plastic, rubber skeleton materials, fire board, wheel base fabric, highway pavement geogrid, building used mesh , GRC wallboard, GRC components.

Mesh center distance: 5mm × 5mm 8mm × 8mm 10mm × 10mm.
Gram / square meter: 300g, 350g, 500g.
Width: 50 - 100cm.
Length per roll: 50 meters or 100 meters.
Color: white (standard), yellow, green or other colors.
(Special specifications and softness can customized according to customer’s requirements).

GRC reinforced alkali-resistant fiberglass mesh Features

1.Good chemical stability. Alkali resistance, acid resistance, water resistance, corrosion resistance, cement and other chemical corrosion, the resin bond is strong, easy to dissolve in styrene.
2.Good dimensional stability, stiffness, smooth and not easy to shrinkage and deform, excellent positioning.
3.Better impact resistance (high strength, good toughness of mesh).
4.Fire protection, thermal insulation, sound insulation, insulation.

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