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Galvanized wire mesh also called galvanized square wire mesh, The mesh is plain weaving. And our galvanized square hole wire mesh is very popular in India. We can supply color galvanized wire mesh, like blue, silver and golden.

Material: Low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire.

Assortments available:

  • Crimped square wire mesh
  • Standard square wire mesh
  • Square wire mesh, hot-dipped before/after weaving
  • Square wire mesh, electrical galvanized before/after weaving

Galvanized Square Wire Mesh is widely used in industry and construction to sieve grain power, filter liquid and gas, safety guards on machinery enclosures. It also used as window screen to keeping mosquito and insects out Of residence.

Specification of galvanized square wire mesh

Mesh Wire Diameter (Mm) Opening (Mm) Mesh Wire Diameter (Mm) Opening
3x3 1.60 6.87 20x20 0.27 1.00
4x4 1.20 5.15 22x22 0.25 0.90
5x5 0.95 4.13 24x24 0.23 0.83
6x6 0.80 3.43 26x26 0.20 0.78
8x8 0.60 2.57 28x28 0.18 0.73
10x10 0.50 2.04 30x30 0.15 0.70
12x12 0.50 1.61 35x35 0.14 0.59
14x14 0.40 1.41 40x40 0.14 0.50
16x16 0.35 1.24 50x50 0.12 0.39
18x18 0.30 1.11 60x60 0.12 0.30
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