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Annealing alerts the inside structure to improve workability by softening material, relieving internal stresses and refining the structure.

Black annealed wires are frequently processed into tie wires, straight cut wire, binding wire and similar items for its excellent flexibility and ductility. They are widely deployed in civil construction as tie wire and in agriculture used for baling hay.

Owing to its dark appearance, it is always considered as “invisible” wire. It is the reason why dark annealed wire is often found place in repair shops, elevator repair shops, landscapes, Christmas tree farms and wreath makers.

Product description:

  • Material: Low carbon steel.
  • Treatment: Annealing.
  • Wire gauge: #8 to #22 (0.71 to 4.06mm).
  • Packing: Coils, inside plastic film and outside plastic bag.

Black annealed wires Black annealed wires Black annealed wires Black annealed wires

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